Julio Resende


Julio Resende

Portuguese musician, pianist and composer

Júlio is one of the most international Portuguese musicians and he has already released eight albums in his own name. Júlio Resende’s career has begun in Jazz, passed through Fado and recently comes to pop-rock, in a continuous search for the perfect place that never exists.

After recorded his first three projects in a jazz trio and quartet (Da Alma – 2007, Assim Falava Jazzatustra – 2009, You Taste Like a Song – 2011), he decided to think about improvisation about other musical genres, like Fado, where he crosses tradition with modernity and launches, from his piano, a new look over the Portuguese song.

Based on some of the most popular themes of Amália Rodrigues – Diva do Fado – Júlio Resende presents a new challenge: bringing Fado to the piano; sing the melodies with the piano instead of just accompanying them; with the piano expressing everything that Fado means. Amália by Júlio Resende, edited in 2013 by Valentim de Carvalho, was unanimously acclaimed by all Portuguese prestigious French magazine CLASSICA, which classifies the best musicians and instrumentalists in the world. Talented and creative improviser, Júlio goes further and risks a (im)possible duet with Amália, serving Diva’s voice with his piano on the theme „Medo“. 15 years after the disappearance of Amália Rodrigues, Júlio Resende convinces Valentim de Carvalho (Amália editor) and, for the first time in history, a musician is allowed to play with the voice of the Diva.

Following his first solo project with Fado and Jazz, Júlio Resende launched his fifth album Fado & Further in 2015 with the participation of Sílvia Pérez Cruz, one of Spain’s greatest female singers.

His sixth album opens the challenge for a new paradigm: word and poetry, in a happy match with the Psychiatrist and Sexologist Júlio Machado Vaz. “Poesia Homónima” (2016) is the proof that art has no barriers and opens the way for a new relationship between the pianist and poetry. They are poems by Eugénio de Andrade and Gonçalo M. Tavares, in the unmistakable voice of Júlio Machado Vaz, accompanied by the improvisation of Júlio Resende’s piano.

As early as 2017, Júlio Resende launches the one that is probably the most daring and divergent of all his creations. From the English poetry of Fernando Pessoa is a pop-rock band with influences of indie and electronic music to which it gives the name of Alexander Search, one of the most important heteronyms of Pessoa and that wrote almost exclusively in the English language. The album, released in June, went directly to the third position of the national top selling, making sure that it is already a winning bet.
relationship between man and machine. Between the acoustic of the piano, the drums and the double bass, and the electronic sounds of the pads and chips.“What Julio Resende does with Fado, reminds of what Keith Jarrett does with jazz standards.“ (El Pais, Spain)





„One of the internationally leading Portuguese musicians and pioneer of a new genre: Fado Jazz“

–          Arte (FR / DE)

„Júlio Resende has the profound ability to reinvent Portugal’s trademark, deep, emotional music through the piano. Truly remarkable! ****“

–          Songlines (GB)

„Portuguese pianist Júlio Resende intentionally obscures the line between his homeland’s deeply rooted fado music and jazz on his latest release, the aptly titled Fado Jazz. Bleeding into each other across nine tracks of mostly original material, the two genres pulsate and barrel forward, birthing something new in the process. Resende evocatively substitutes the bittersweet, plaintive vocal stylings of fado with his multifaceted instrument, pulling an entire nation’s sonic lament out of its fatalistic depths and tending its wounds while teasing out its tempestuous edges through the pluralistic prism of jazz.“

–          JAZZIZ (US)

„Júlio Resende stamps a personal, powerful imprint across the process of mingling jazz streams with fado. [.] Fado Jazz harnesses two powerful notions of beauty and sends them together from the stable, pacing ineluctably across the firmament.“

–          Jazz Times (US)

„It only takes a few bars of music, to become addicted to Júlio Resendes interpretation of Fado.“

–          Jazz thing (DE)

„Subtle and elegant, airy and full of joyous improvisation. An album that leaves you wanting and curious for more from Júlio Resende.“

–          Deutschlandfunk Kultur (DE)

„Júlio Resende’s approach to fado from a jazz perspective is new and seems surprisingly late, for it’s so logical. But this also shows the evolutionary strength of this genre: Júlio Resende did not force a crossover album, but submitted to a natural development.“

–          BRF (BE)

„A piano filled with ‚Saudade‘. Júlio Resende take on fado from a jazz perspective is something new, and at the same time totally natural.“

–          France Musique (FR)

„Sensual and joyful.“

–          Lira (SE)

„A technically brilliant pianist, wonderfully catchy melodies, dance-like easieness. There is a future for Júlio Resende’s fado jazz!“

–          Kulturzeitschrift (AT)

„Music that invites to savor the moment – which is exactly what we should do.“

–          Jazzpodium (DE)

„Fado Jazz is a simply ingenius connection of two worlds and Júlio Resende a true pioneer. *****“

–          Jazzthetik (DE)

„Júlio Resende has fanned out the moods and motifs of fado very broadly: the influences of European classical music, Iberian folk music and African polyrhythms radiate from the compositions – each a little hymn in itself. A highly emotional, but also light-footed album.“

–          Kulturnews (DE)

„Divine. ****“

–          Fono Forum (DE)

„Júlio Resende treats the cultural music of his homeland with respect, while showing at the same time that fado is alive – and life includes development and movement. Most of the pieces on „Fado Jazz“ are Resende’s own compositions, in which he not only explores the melancholy of fado using jazz stylistic devices, but also shows the light-hearted side of the music.“

–          WDR 3 (DE)

„Spanish flamenco has long found its way into jazz, with stars like Miles Davis or Chick Corea as catalysts. With Portuguese fado, things have looked very different so far. Until the pianist Júlio Resende transported the music, which was almost painful in its melancholy as well as in its beauty, which was created in the harbor bars of Lisbon and Coimbra, with his compositions in the improvisation and formal language of jazz. In Portugal, Resende has already conquered the classical concert halls and the pop charts with his pioneering work. With his album „Fado Jazz“, released on the label ACT, he is making his leap to the whole of Europe.“

–          Süddeutsche Zeitung

„Julio Resende is a pioneer who transports the melancholy and beauty of fado into the improvisation and formal language of jazz.“

–          Süddeutsche Zeitung

„Júlio Resendes connection between jazz and fado is immediately coherent. Another, previously un-heard side of European jazz.“

–          Die Abendzeitung

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