Verónica Ferreiro &
Javier Sánchez


Verónica Ferreiro & Javier Sánchez

Verónica Ferreiro – voc
Javier Sánchez – git

Verónica’s voice is lyrical and deep, with a personal character and lyrics in Galician that accentuate what she herself describes as intimate poems.”
“(…) an overwhelming work in the field of composition and arrangement by Javier Sánchez.”

„Sensitivity. Exquisite sensitivity. Javier and Verónica have the virtue of moving the listener. To release emotions.“
Jaime Bajo, director of Jazz Círculo Programm.

Live at Spanish TV:

Quintet at Jazz Festival San Sebastian 2022:

Verónica Ferreiro & Javier Sánchez, two renowned musicians of the Spanish jazz scene, have got together to create CAMIÑO, a new musical project that transcends the genre. Halfway between classical music, folk and jazz, Verónica’s highly personal voice and galician lyrics (one of Spain’s regional languages that shares many singularities with portuguese) merges as if by magic with Javier’s refined compositions and arrangements.

Verónica’s musical journey boasts a remarkable track record, with acclaimed albums released as both a composer and performer. Notably, her debut album, LAIO, soared to the top spot in Jazz sales on iTunes Spain, while also gracing the Jazz lists of Mexico and Argentina. The album earned a coveted place in prestigious catalogues such as Dusty Groove America (Chicago) and Giant Step (NY). Her artistry has taken her to many renowned festivals like the Jazzharrean Festival in Vitoria or the illustrious Masters at work Festival in Bilbao.

For his part, Javier is a virtuoso guitar player renowned for his mesmerizing jazz improvisations. He has traversed a rich and fruitful career and is now poised to debut as a composer with this latest project, proving that he is not just a great musician but also a musical storyteller of the highest order.

As the driving force behind the enchanting gypsy quartet ‚Menil,‘ Javier has etched his name among the most celebrated gypsy jazz players in the Iberian panorama. In addition to his own projects, Javier presently finds himself as a part of the esteemed Cuban saxophonist Ariel Brínguez’s quintet.

T H E A L B U M  released last december 2022 with the  City of London Sinfonia orchestra

The outcome is a brilliant recording which brings together intimacy and strength, electronic and symphonic sounds, folklore and avant-garde. Their compositions are a delicate balance between the familiar and the otherworldly, evoking a sense of nostalgia and humanness while also pushing the boundaries of imagination and artistic expression. CAMIÑO takes us into an introspective journey that begins with the profound emotions of childbirth and the transformative power of motherhood, rounded off with an apotheotic Requiem, a poignant lament for nature’s slow demise at the hands of men.

The album was produced by Troy Miller (Gregory Porter, Emeli Sandé, Laura Mvula and Jamie Cullum’s producer, among others). Troy also played the drums, percussion and synthesizers on the album. The album also features the City of London Sinfonia orchestra, which flawlessly plays Javier’s compositions and arrangements under Troy’s baton, as you can see on the



Verónica and Javier live performances are a mesmerizing journey that transports the audience into a world of ethereal wonder and surreal beauty. Their ability to convey raw vulnerability and joyous elation is nothing short of breathtaking.

Verónica’s emotive and captivating voice, paired with Javier’s prowess as a masterful jazz improviser on the guitar, creates a mesmerizing synergy that defies description. Together, they form a musical bond that is truly transcendent and touches deep the hearts and minds of listeners.

Their live repertoire is a testament to their artistic brilliance, featuring original pieces from their album CAMIÑO. In addition to that, they pay homage to some great spanish and latin american classics such as „Lela” or „Alfonsina y el mar“. They have released a studio version of the latest you can listen on the common platforms and linked above.

Their music transcends boundaries, creating a timeless and unforgettable experience where each show feels like an intimate gathering of kindred spirits, brought together by the magnetic pull of music’s universal language.

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