Pianist Marc Copland, recognized as an innovator with a unique grasp of harmony and color, is perhaps the foremost proponent of the lyrical school of jazz pianism today.  The most prolific pianist of the new millenium, Copland has 13 critically acclaimed releases to his credit since the year 2000 – and another three releases scheduled for 2005.

September 2005 marks the Pirouet records release of his eagerly-awaited return to the classic piano trio format– in which he played so beautifully on „Haunted Heart and Other Ballads“ (Hatology). With Drew Gress and Jochen Rueckert, Copland brings a unique sense of romance and beauty to songs of the heart. This trio has been hailed as „discovery of the year“ (Die Zeit/Germany),  „gold record of the month“ (Diapason/France), „publisher’s pick“ (AllAboutJazz.com/USA), etc.

„Time Within Time“ (Hatology/April 2005), the sequel to his solo piano masterpiece „Poetic Motion,“  is a poignant  remembrance, echoing  the bittersweet events of the new millenium as only this pianist can.  His solo work has established him as „a veritable poet of the piano“ Repetoire/France), a jazz pianist presenting „a real piano recital“ (Telerama/France).

This summer, in a nod to the „cookin’“ days of his all-star quintet of the nineties, Copland reunites with two master trumpeters,   Randy Brecker (Nagel-Heyer) and Tim Hagans (Pirouet), on two quartet cds which capture both the power and beauty this brass instrument can project.

In January of  2005,  Challenge records released „BrandNew,“  the sequel to the 2001 cd „That’s ForSure“ by the chamber-jazz trio of lyrical masters Copland, Ken Wheeler and John Abercrombie.

„…His harmonic sophistication, his touch, and control of dynamics with the foot pedal have all become–well–the stuff of legend. There are actually stories of young piano players who go to a Copland gig and then sit right near the stage to stare at his feet, to observe the nuance of how he works the damper pedal of the piano.“ (AllAboutJazz.com)

Born 27 May 1948, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Copland was a part of the vibrant music scene in Philadelphia as a saxophonist before going to New York where he met John Abercrombie and also played with Chico Hamilton, and others. He experimented with the electric alto but gradually became dissatisfied with the direction his music was taking and, leaving New York, quit playing the sax in order to study piano. He was gone for almost a decade but upon his return to the jazz world in the mid-80s his piano playing was a revelation, his own vividly original style firmly in place. As a sideman he played with Bob Belden,  Jane Ira Bloom, Joe Lovano, Tim Hagans, James Moody, Wallace Roney and many others.

But his career as a sideman in the Apple was relatively short-lived;  Copland began recording and touring in trio with Gary Peacock and Billy Hart (At Night/Sunnyside, Paradiso/Soul Note)  In the nineties, his reputation spread owing to three legendary recordings with the Savoy label, which put him on the road in an All-Star quintet  (Randy Brecker, Bob Berg, and Dennis Chambers), and later in quartet with guitarist John Abercrombie,  Drew Gress, and drummer Hart.

Copland has enthralled audiences not only in trio and as a solo pianist, but also as a duo partner without peer–as attested by his duo recordings with Greg Osby(Night Call,  Round and Round/Nagel-Heyer) and Gary Peacock (What It Says/Sketch).

„A quiet giant of his instrument…the stuff of legend.“–AllAboutJazz.com (USA)

„Unbelievable imagination, a lesson in harmonic drama.“ –Rondo (Germany)

„Thrills from start to finish.“ –Telerama (France)

Actual projects:

Marc Copland solo

Marc Copland Trio
Marc Copland p, Stephane Kerecki – b & Fabrice Moreau – dr

Marc Copland Trio
Marc Copland p, Drew Gress b & Joey Baron dr

Marc Copland – Mark Feldman /Duo Quartet

Marc Copland p; Mark Feldman violin; Drew Gress b; Mark Ferber dr

Marc Copland Quartet 2024
Marc Copland  p; Robin Verheyen  saxophones;  Drew Gress  bass;  Mark Ferber  drums