2. August 2023

Verónica Ferreiro & Javier Sánchez, two renowned musicians of the Spanish jazz scene, have got together to create  a new musical project that transcends the genre.
Halfway between classical music, folk and jazz, Verónica’s highly personal voice and galician lyrics (one of Spain’s regional languages that shares many singularities with portuguese) merges as if by magic with Javier’s refined compositions and arrangements.

Videos  Live at Spanish TV:

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29. April 2023

Together with his brother Rolf, Joachim Kühn just received the German Jazz Prize 2022 for his life’s work. This honors the extraordinary international career of the now 79-year-old pianist. The musician  who lives in Ibiza for many years, wants to cut back on his live performances in the future  but the piano giant is not going to rest. Releases are still in the works on his label ACT.

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19. Januar 2023

After her first 10 days tour with mostly sold out concerts in Germany Ana Carla got an invitation to present her music  at the jazzahead in Bremen on 27th of April of 2024. She can be heard with her actual quartet at Hall 7/stage 1 from 21.45 until 21.45 pm. On 8th (Quartet) and 9th (solo) of July she will perform at the famous Rudolstadt Festival in East Germany .

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19. Januar 2023

In the wake of a number of global fusion and rock ventures in recent years with international stars, Nguyên will publish his new album“Silk and Sand“ in February 2024 which marks a return to the roots. Nguyên will present his new trio with bass player Chris Kennings and the Sting percussion player Rhani  Krija  during two tours in April and September/October 2023. This is the schedule   for the  upcoming Release:

1st Single Release, 20.01.: Onety-One
2nd Single Release, 10.02.: Tiger’s Dance
Album Release: 24.02.23

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17. September 2022

From now on it is also possible to book the Cuban Superstar Alfredo Rodriguez with his Trio  in the German speaking countries by us. Grammy®-nominated artist Alfredo Rodriguez has been discovered   at the 2006 Montreux Jazz Festival by Quincy Jones. His mastery of the art has earned him frequent appearances on prestigious stages around the world such as the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl, Montreux Jazz Festival, North Sea Jazz Festival, Jazz in Marciac, Umbria Jazz, and Jazz à Vienne. Additionally, Rodríguez was nominated for a 2015 Grammy® in the category of “Best Arrangement, Instrumental, or A Cappella,” for the track “Guantanamera,” from his 2014 release, The Invasion Parade.


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10. August 2022

Cuban saxophon player starts his collaboration with Concertbüro Uli Fild.

During the last years the  Spanish capital  Madrid has developed as the center of European jazz.

One important reason has been the immigration of musicians from Latin America – specially from Cuba. Ariel Bringuez is one of them who brings the Cuban music tradition to Europe and creats a new mixture with European Jazz musicians.

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